Advanced Aesthetics - Carolyn Claypole

“I didn’t find the advanced cosmetic procedure uncomfortable and I’m very happy that I’ve had it done as I really hated all the things on my body that Carolyn has treated. I would recommend it to any one that is feeling insecure about them self. The treatment is absolutely fantastic and very successful!” 
Lynn, Hampton
"I found Carolyn to be very professional and reassuring.  When I researched the treatments available for my facial hair it was both confusing and scary and Carolyn dispelled all the myths and instantly put me at ease. I completely trust Carolyn and found her to be approachable and friendly "  
Paula, Oakham
"Permanent make-up has changed my life.  I would never dare to wipe my forehead on a very hot day incase I wiped off my pencilled eyebrows.  Now they're not only permanent, they are also professionally shaped"
Sue, Huntingdon
"I always wanted to have my eyebrows done but was nervous about where to go.  My friend had her eyebrows done and recommended Carolyn to me.  A personal recommendation is very important with a treatment such as this!"
Carol, Peterborough
“I have saved so much time in the mornings and when I'm getting ready to go out as I no longer have to do my eyebrows.  I was obsessed. I would keep having to redo them until I felt that they were right.  Now they are perfect and no time wasted. Thank you".
Gill, Cambridgehsire
"Just to say a sincere thanks for the super work you did on me. Can't believe how lucky I was to find you. Thanks again."
Pat, Peterborough